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Come visit me in person and try on Pro Dance Boots for yourself! 

Check back often for updates both additions and deletions.

Due to Covid - These may not be confirmed yet.

January 2021

March 2021

May 2021

June 2021

Orange Blossom Dance Festival (June 3rd-6th)

  • Orlando, FL

July 2021

Big Apple Country Dance Festival (8th-11th)

  • Newark, NJ

August 2021

New England Dance Festival (5th-8th)

  • Newton, MA

September 2021

Nashville Dance Classic (Sept 2nd-6th)

  • Nashville, TN

October 2021

Philly Fall Fest (Oct 15th-17th)

  • Philadelphia, PA

December 2021

Christmas in Dixie (Dec 9th-12th)

  • Birmingham, AL

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