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Watch Pros Who Love Pro Dance Boots!
Marc Davidson and
Sylvie Raymond:
Worlds 2017
Eric Nava and
Brittney Valdez:
Chicagoland 2018
Christy Kam:
Worlds 2015
Clive Stevens:
Worlds 2014
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Pro Testimonial

I am a professional Ballroom and Country dancer as well as a studio owner. Having danced professionally for 14 years in country dance I have seen a serious evolution in the country dance boot. My first pair or boots was straight out of a Western store so suffice to say “we have come a long way baby.”

More recently I had become disappointed at the level of boots being produced for country dancers. Although better than my ‘western store’ boots of the past, the quality of the boots had taken a serious decline. That’s where ProDance comes in...

Over the past few years my good friends Pedro Machado and Peter Walkden have been tinkering with a new dance boot. Well they finally got it right. A good quality boot made to perform to the highest standard.  

- Brian Barakauskas

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